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St Tropez Spray Tan

The UK’s number one tanning brand! For a long lasting streak free flawless tan lasting up to 7 days.



Full Body

Develops in 8 hours.


Fast Tan

Develops from 2 hours




Before your spray tan.

To ensure a streak free natural looking tan preparation is the key!

We recommend that you exfoliate 24hrs prior to your tan application and keep skin moisturised in the lead up to your appointment. The smoother your skin, the better the results will be! Do not wear moisturiser on the day of your spray tan as this can act as a barrier on the skin, we advise you shower before your tan as you will not be able to get your tan wet for at least 8 hours.

What to expect during your spray tan.

We advise you attend your appointment wearing lose dark clothing, tight clothing may rub your tan and cause it to go patchy. You will be provided with disposable underwear for the tanning application however it is totally your choice if you would like to wear them, bring your own or even go commando! 

How to care for your spray tan.

You will not be able to get your tan wet until it has fully developed, we also advise to be cautious not to rub your tan against tight clothing until you have washed it off.

Once you have showered your tan it is crucial to keep it moisturised post shower to extend your bronzed colour. Dry skin sheds faster causing your tan to fade quicker. 

Avoid using body scrubs or oils on your skin as these may cause your tan to break down.


How long does my spray tan last?

Your spray tan will normally last between 5-7 days. However the more often you shower it the quicker it will fade. Don't forget to keep skin moisturised once showered.

How long does my spray tan take to develop?

Your spray tan will take 8 hours to develop however some people may prefer to leave it on overnight and shower it in the morning, this is totally up to you. 

Will my tan stain bedding & clothing?

We advise to wear dark clothing immediately after your tan until you have washed of the guide colour in case it transfers onto clothing. It shouldn't rub off onto clothing or bedding after this stage however we cannot guarantee this so it is advisable to put a towel down or use dark sheets. Tan should wash out of clothing in the washing machine.

Will my tan go really dark straight after it is applied?

The active ingredient in tan which provides your colour is called DHA, this takes 8 hours to develop onto the skin. A temporary colour is added into the solution to provide a visible  guide for your therapist to spray onto your skin during application - this will ensure an even all over colour.

This initial colour maybe slightly darker than what your tan will be after your first shower, do not worry if you look slightly dark/streaky during this first stage. After showering you will reveal a beautiful tan underneath.

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