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your safety is our top priority.

When you see the Dermalogica Clean Touch Certified seal, you can rest assured that your skin treatment is clean and safe. Dermalogica Clean Touch Certified skin therapists are trained to uphold the professional-grade standards of safety and sanitation.

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We require as much notice as possible when cancelling or moving appointments as a courtesy to ourselves and other clients, we request a minimum of 48hrs.

Please note that we ask that you cover the cost of your treatments if you do not turn up for your appointment or cancel within 24 hrs hours of the booking.
Cancellation Policy

Patch Testing

We require all new clients to have a patch test atleast 24 hours prior to any tinting treatments, this also applies to existing clients if your medical history has changed since your last treatment. 

LVL lash lift & HD BROWSCULPT also require a skin test 48hrs prior to the treatment this applies to all new clients even though you may have had the treatment previously at a different salon it is complusory we skin test you. 

We will not carry out the treatment unless you have undergone the correct skin testing process, this will be arranged upon booking your appointment.

We  are always happy to provide a skin test prior to any treatment and would always reccommend a skin test if you have ever had a previous reaction to a treatment or you are sensitive/reactive to products.

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